The Fastest Path to Wealth

July 3, 2024

When seeking to build wealth, one of the most common mistakes is trying to shortcut the process.

Here is a secret that the truly successful understand at a core level:

Anything that you want is available to you, but not as the person you are now. Otherwise, you would already have it.

Think about that.

Instead of asking how you can get what they have, the more useful question is, who do I need to become?

What skills do I need to acquire?

What habits do I need to adopt?

What mindset shifts do I need to embody?

Here’s another secret of the wealthy: they value time more than they value money.

When you combine these two secrets, the result is the fastest way to acquire wealth that I have ever found. Every rich, successful person I know uses these secrets to their advantage in order to accelerate on the path.

Successful people pay for other successful people’s playbooks, and then they go execute.

Consider this: there are two ways to any outcome, either the long way or the fast way.

You can learn through trial and error and get better over time, and with dedication and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, you will eventually get there.

Or, you can take the fast way. No matter what problem you are struggling with, someone else has figured it out before. That’s just the reality of business. Unless you are trying to get someone to Mars, someone else has solved your problem.

The thing that the fastest growing founders do is identify the skill they need to acquire, find the expert, pay them to teach their method, and then rapidly integrate and execute.

The magic is not in the information but in the ability to pull the timeline forward by eliminating costly mistakes that would have otherwise occurred, both from a financial and time perspective.

This is exactly what I was doing this week at Dan Martell’s Empire Builder event.

When he asked me to speak at the event, I was really excited to go and see him in his element and visit his hometown of Kelowna, BC.

I had no idea what I was in for.​

Dan, the author of WSJ bestseller Buy Back Your Time and a social media star, is one of the best in the world at systems thinking. He is obsessed with mental models, and he has a framework for everything. This week, he shared some of his most powerful stuff with us.

I’m walking away with deep clarity and specific action steps that will take me to the next level. No more decision fatigue or agonizing about where I should put my attention or time.

Here’s the thing — there are a million ways to build a business (or wealth). All you need is one. Find a proven playbook, and execute.

Dan is world-class at building 8-figure coaching companies. He’s done it twice in the last five years. As a result, he has impacted thousands of founders and helped them build businesses they don’t grow to hate. If I want to scale my impact to help as many people as possible make better money decisions, I can spend time trying to figure it out on my own, or I can take his playbook and implement it.

The choice for me is simple.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Dan has gone through the pain of learning so that I don’t have to. By learning from his experience, I can shortcut the trial and error.

So now that I’ve given you my favorite shortcut to success, ask yourself:

Are you where you want to be financially?

Do you still worry about whether you are doing the right things with your money?

Are you and your partner clear on your financial goals and how to get there?

Do you have a proven playbook for financial success?

If not, consider this your invitation to join me and learn from my decade of experience as a professional investor.

I’ve spent the last ten years learning how to build wealth in a way that supports my dreams. I’ve created my dream life, and I can show you how to create yours, too, all while being a part of a community of amazing, like-minded founders just like you.

Apply to join our Unbreakable Wealth Mastery program today, and ensure your path to success.

I’ll see you on the other side.

To building a life you never have to retire from,


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